New Participant Orientation Module


We are grateful for your interest in co-creating solutions to one of the nation's biggest health challenges - non-optimized use of medications and vaccines.

If you are here, you have either been encouraged to participate in this study by a leader or colleague in your university, organization, association, government agency or foundation, or you have heard about this project from another participant. If you are a scholar, leader, expert, innovator, student or staff with an interest in optimizing medication and vaccine use for US (and international) populations, you satisfy the study selection criteria.

Are you ready to help co-create the future of the US medications sector? Every voice matters! Let's get going!


To participate in this effort, please follow the step by step instructions below

Tip: Feel free to copy the checklist items and check them off as you complete them. To print, expand the sections you want to print, right-mouse-click, and select print.

Step 1. View the Introductory Video

7 minutes

Step 2. Sign-up / Sign-in

3-4 minutes. Already done? Go to Step 3.

Click here. Get signed-in. Then return to this page.

Step 3. Review the RAPID Alliance 2021 Report

Click here.

Step 4. Review the Mission

5-10 minutes

4.1. Review the Mission

The mission of this project is to co-create and implement a strategic framework and plan and prioritized national research agenda for optimizing medication and vaccine use for US populations from 2022 - 2031 while saving up to $528 billion annually in likely-avoidable health spending in the next decade. You'll do this using new science (service-dominant logic and service ecosystem design science.) When we are done, we will have, together, helped to save millions of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.

How would you describe this mission to a friend in your own words? Try it.

4.2 Select One or More Study Sections

You'll have opportunities to work on one or more study sections focused on topics in which you are interested . These include national level, state level and special topics sections related to optimizing medications, vaccines and related services.

Have you identified study sections you want to work on? Feel free to check out and sign-up for study sections here.

4.3. Review Time Commitments and Costs

Time Commitments. Participation is designed to be efficient, and flexible. Much of the work can be done asynchronously, through shared documents. When you register you can select roles you are interested in playing.

  • Observer: no time commitment;

  • Participant: ~2 hours a month (flex time), for about 6 months

  • Facilitator: ~2-4 hours a month for 6 months;

  • Study section leader; based on situation;

  • Curator: of a Learning Center Collection or Innovation Lab Collection;

  • Researcher / Co-Investigator.

  • Other

What role(s) would you like to play ? What time commitments are you inspired to make for this project?

Costs. To avoid funding bias, each individual, organization, association, government agency and foundation is invited to participate at no cost (free). A collaborative research funding model is used to cover research costs. This works by having each participating organization (other than universities) contribute what they can to support the study. Contributions can be $5K, $10K, $25K, $50K, or more. We are also seeking larger funding support to support rapid growth of the effort at scale. Contributors will recieve valuable recognition and other benefits, including name recognition on project websites, study sections and final strategic planning documents.

If you are a senior leader representing a Strategic Action Partner, what collaborative funding support are you able to provide? If you are a potential Funding Partner (e.g. foundation, philanthropic entity, or research funder) what collaborative funding support might you be able to provide? It is OK for several executives from different areas to each provide a share of the funding. To explore a contribution, please click here.

4.4 Review Benefits of Participating

As a participant, you will: Learn new science, methods and practices; Access new services and solutions for medications related care); Contribute by helping to co-create the future of the medications and vaccine space; Connect with other leaders, experts, scholars and innovators in your state and across the US; and Innovate by identifying new opportunities for yourself and those you serve. If you are a researcher, you may also have opportunities to develop new funded research opportunities.

What benefits do you, personally, care most about? What benefits does your organization cane most about? How will make sure you and those you serve come away with these benefits?

4.5 Review Who Else is Involved

The study selection criteria includes key leaders, experts and researchers from leading universities, organizations, associations, foundations, and government agencies from across the US including all 50 states. If you are in this space, it is likely you will know others involved. Learn about who else is involved by clicking here.

4.6 Are Any Key People or Organizations In Your Networks Missing?

If so, feel free to send a nudge to people you know about joining the process. This is an "all-hands-on-deck" strategy. It is important that a balance representation of key people and organizations are participating. .

Tip: Here's a note you could send: "Thought you might be interested in this national study for optimizing medications and vaccines. I'm participating. Check it out here:"

4.7 Check Your Understanding of the Mission

On a scale of 1-5, how well do you feel you understand this mission? Do you have a clear idea of the time commitments and costs involved? Do you understand how you and those you serve may benefit? Do you understand who else is invited?

Want to learn more? Feel free to attend meetings, browse the site or view videos in the learning center to strengthen your understanding.

Step 5. Get Ready!

30 -60 minutes

5.1. Mark Your Calendar for upcoming events. View calendar.

Can't make it? No worries! A recording of all meetings will be shared with registered participants.

5.2. Meet the Research Team (~2 minutes). Click here

5.3 Optional: View the Learning the New Science videos in the learning center (~40 minutes). Click here

5.4 Envision the future - write down (for yourself) a vision of a future in which medication and vaccine use is optimized for all people all the time. What does that world look like? How do we get there? (~10-20 minutes). Share your vision with one or more friends or colleagues in advance; and listen to their vision as well.

Step 6. Join One or More Study Sections

~5-10 minutes. Already done? Go to Step 7

6.1 Browse and sign-up for one or more Study Sections. Click here.

Step 7. Go!

~2 hours a month for about 6 months (flex-time)

Stay Tuned! The planning regatta is scheduled to launch at the end of October, 2021, after the September 14 kick-off meeting. It is possible the regatta start will be delayed by a few weeks, so that we can make sure everyone who wants to has a chance to join, find study sections and "boats" and get involved.

Step 8. For University Research Team Members

Go to the University Research Partner Resource Center here. Complete the onboarding steps.

Resource to be added soon.