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What is a Strategic Action Partner?

Strategic Action Partners are organizations, associations, foundations, government agencies, innovators, and others from all key sectors of the medications ecosystem at national and state levels. Represented by senior leaders, such as CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, other C-suite leaders, division leaders, and/or their designees, Strategic Action Partners are interested in helping to drive transformational change in the US medications and vaccine ecosystem. To avoid funding bias, no financial contributions are required. However, each strategic action partner who can is encouraged to contribute appropriately to support the study. Funding levels are $5K, $10K, $25K, $50K or other amounts in return for valuable recognition and other benefits. This is a "no-advocacy" study. Government leaders are invited to participate as guests and policy experts to provide insights and perspectives.

To Sign Up, Please Complete Steps 1-5 Below

  • Step 1. Identify an individual to play point for your organization, association, government agency, foundation, or other entity.

    • We recommend a senior leader or their designee with ability to work across multiple departments (e.g. strategy, clinical, technology, research and development, government affairs, or investment).

  • Step 2. Identify two or more people to participate in expert panels to support the strategic planning process. For example, this could include a strategy leader, physician leader, pharmacy leader, and Health IT leader.

  • Step 3. Attend an upcoming Strategic Action Partner briefing or meeting. See schedule here.

  • Step 4. Identify study sections you and/or your organization would like to participate in. See list here.

  • Step 5. Sign and return a Non-Binding Letter of Acceptance to Join as a Strategic Action Partner. Include mention of your leader, team and preferred study section. Download here.