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Step 2. Sign-in (if needed)

You will be signed in to a Google Group which gives you regular news updates, and access to all member-only resources. In some cases, your institution can block certain types of access to external resources like this. You do not have to be signed-in to participate. You may also be able to sign-in using a personal email if your work email is blocked by your institution.



Can I Use a Gmail Account?

Yes. If you added it in when you registered, it should automatically work. If not, click here and add it.

It's Not Letting me In

Are you signed in? Are you logged in with the correct email?

My Work or University Account Isn't Being Recognized. What do I do?

Each email address needs to be be set-up as a Google Account to be recognized in our network. This is is fast, easy and free.

How Do I Know I'm Signed In to my Browser with the Correct Account?

Check this by opening up a Google Account tab in your browser. This tab will tell you which account you are signed into. It will also give you options to add or switch accounts if you are using more than one. For example, you can use it to switch from your personal gmail to a work email account. Learn more.

How Do I Sign-In to the Google Group for this Study?

This Google Group is your "master key" for the Regatta. It will give you instant access to all participant-only documents, videos, spreadsheets, websites, and other resources linked to this Google Group.

The Study Links or my Access is Being Blocked by my Company or Router. What do I do?

Some organizations block unknown Google Workspaces and sites. To make sure access for you and your team are not blocked, you can send your IT folks an email along the following lines:

Hello. We are joining a National Science Foundation supported research study led by a team at the University of Louisville. It has several connected websites and Google Workspaces that we will need access to. To make sure everyone has access, please can you whitelist the following domains: and

My organization's IT department is blocking all ability to access Google docs, groups, or other resources.

Request help from your IT department to get access to the needed resources. Here's some sample language you could use:

"We need access to a set of Google Workspace resources for an important national research study we are part of. Please can you make it possible for us to access the following resources:

Learn More

Learn more about Google Workspace here.