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Current Deadlines

October 2, 2021. Next deadline for Letter of Acceptance to be a University Research Partner. Instructions here.

October 24, 2021. Deadline for Letter of Acceptance to be Included in October 28 Regatta Kick-off Event. Instructions here.

Check Names / Add Names to Invite

Step 1. Check name in master list (click here)

Step 2. Add name to master list (click here)

Step 3. Send invitations / Follow-ups

    • Strategic Action Partner Invitation Letter (download here)

    • Funding Partner Invitation Letter (download here)

    • Individual colleague letter ("wanted to make sure you knew about this") (download here)

Schedule of Meetings / Check-ins

University Research Partner Leadership Council Meetings

  • Monthly. Dial-in, agenda and minutes: access here

  • Who is invited? Primary contacts / Alternates from each URP

  • Why? Coordinate priority actions; finalize study sections; discuss/refine invitations; co-create funding opportunities

  • Outcomes: Developing strategic priorities

Study Section Organizing Meetings Begin

Every other Tuesday, 2:00-3:00pm ET. Asynchronous or synchronous participation welcome.
  • National Study Sections

  • State-Level Study Sections

  • Specialty Study Sections

Organizing Study Sections and Expert Panels (Meeting 1)

October 28, 2021, 1:00 - 2:30 PM
  • Includes all University Research Partners, Strategic Action Partners and Funding Partners

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)


1.1 Engage 50+ University Research Partners (including 1 per state)

1.2 Engage 500+ Strategic Action Partners at national and state levels (CEO / C-Suite Level)

1.3. Invite / Engage 100+ potential funding partners at national and state levels (5+ per URP)

Key Results

National Press Releases / Announcements

Due: September 28, 2021*

    • [30] Universities Join RAPID Alliance University Research Partner Network to Optimize Medications for US Populations"

Due: November ___, 2021.*

    • Leading universities, organizations, associations, and government agencies launch effort to develop strategic framework for optimizing medications for US populations from 2022-2031

University Research Partners

Sign Ups

Due October 24, 2021*

    • Target: 40

    • Current: 26

Invitations Sent

Due September 24, 2021*

  • Target: 120

  • Current: 115

Strategic Action Partners


Due October 24, 2021*

  • Target: 200

  • Current: 50

Invitations Sent

Due October 24, 2021*

  • Total: 1,000

  • Target per URP: ~40+

  • Current Total: 50

Funding Partners

(Organizations, foundations, philanthropy, research funders, government agencies, others)

Invitation to Collaborate

Due January 15, 2021*

  • Target: 100

  • Current: 2

Request for Funding Support Sent

Due January 15, 2022*

  • Total: 25

  • Current Total: 2

Individual Participants

(scholars, leaders, experts, innovators, supporting staff, students, Emeritus Brigade members, others)

Due October 28, 2021*

  • Target: TBD

  • Current: TBD

Due January 15, 2022*

  • Target: TBD

  • Current: TBD

*All dates subject to change as more is learned.

Special Resources for University Research Partners

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