Technology FAQs

We're Having Trouble Signing-in to Google Groups to get Access to the Google Workspace

Solution: It is very important to have this access. Access to Google Groups is your "master key" to accessing all private documents, sites, forums and other resources for this project.

Step 1. Check that you can access google groups from your computer or phone.

Go here:

(if needed)

Can you access groups?

If no:

  1. use Google Help here.

  2. Check Your Security Settings. Is Google Groups access blocked in your computer settings? Is your institution blocking access to Google Groups?

Step 2. Follow the instructions in our Sign-in page here

Our Institution Blocks Access to Google Workspace Documents, Groups or Other Resources

Solution: Other participants are solving this by having their IT departments WHITE LIST access to the workspace for employees they want to have involved. Specifically, they should white list all Google Workspace Assets in the following domain: You may want to check with your IT department about doing this for you and others who may value access.