Your Contribution is Important

We are asking all who can to contribute what they can. Your contribution will support an ecosystem-level transformational strategic planning initiative to co-create the RAPID Alliance Medications 360 Strategic Framework 2022 - 2031. This framework is being designed to address one of the most significant public health challenges in the US and world today. Non-optimized medication and vaccine use impacts millions of people while costing an estimated $528 billion per year for likely-avoidable hospitalizations, emergencies and physician visits. Recent research indicated that now is the time to act. But success will require large-scale collaborative planning and implementation by key stakeholders from across the US and the states.

Fund Raising Targets and Planned Deliverables

November 2021 - May 2022
RAPID Alliance National "Secret Lives o of the Patient" Survey and Focus Groups: 2,000 People, 50 focus groups: $0.5M100 Study Section Panels (state and national) x $25,000300 Facilitators for Expert Panels ("Boats") x $5,000300 Senior Faculty Providing Strategic Integration and Analysis for 100 Study Sections and States x $20,000Study Coordinating Center (Services and Technologies) = $0.5MVirtual Summit Event Costs: $.10MStrategic Framework Publication, Dissemination and Roadshow: $0.25M

Giving Options

Underwrite the Initiative

$250,000 | $1,000,000 | $2.5 Million | $5 Million | Other

Support a University Research Partner

Level 1: $50,000 | Level 2. $100,000 | Level 3. $250,000 | Other

Support an Association Partner

Level 1: $50,000 | Level 2. $100,000 | Level 3. $250,000 | Other

Support a Study Section or Expert Panel ("Boat")

Level 1. $5,000 Level 2. $10,000 Level 3. $25,000 Level 4. $50,000 | Other

Receive Valuable Benefits

Each contributor will be recognized and thanked in the RAPID Alliance Medications 360 Website, in the Summit, in the Medications 360 Strategic Plan 2022 - 2031 Publication, and in related documents

Diamond Funding Partner: $5,000,000+

Platinum Funding Partner: $2,500,000+

Gold Funding Partner: $1,000,000+

Silver Funding Partner: $250,000+

Study Section Underwriter: $50,000

Anchor Contributor: $25,000

Strategic Contributor: $10,000

Executive Contributor: $5,000

Special Contributor (other)

Contribution Options

Contributions can be made to the University of Louisville Foundation, an authorized university or association foundation, and/or a new non-profit foundation being set up to serve as the implementation coordinator for this effort.

What Makes this Project Unique?

What makes this project unique is the use of new science (service-dominant logic and service ecosystem design science) and advanced collaboration tools and technologies, to enable a level of strategic planning never that has not, until now, been possible. The general theory is that people support what they help create. The "Research Regatta" method makes it possible, for the first time, to bring together hundreds of universities and researchers, and thousands of organizations and leaders, and thousands of patient/consumer voices, supported by collaborative tools including Zoom and Teams, to co-create a strategic framework, plan and prioritized research agenda designed to drive transformational change in the US medications and vaccine ecosystem from 2022 - 2031. All work is done under a university research umbrella, supported by many universities.

Why is a Collaborative Funding Model Being Used?

To avoid funding bias, a collaborative funding model is being used to support this research. Contributions are not required to participate. However, each invited organization, association, foundation, government agency, technology firm, and/or other participant is asked to contribute what they can to support the project. In return, each contributor will receive valuable recognition on the study website, materials, strategic plans and report. All funds are used to support teams of scholars and experts across the US to provide research, service, facilitation, analysis, publications, and related activities for the project. All work is for the public good.