How Funding Works

Ecosystem Research Funding Model

This model is designed to support as many as 1,000 researchers from as many as 200 University Research Partners, working in collaboration with as many as 10,000 strategic leaders, experts, and innovators from as many as 2,000 Strategic Action Partners (organizations, associations, government agencies), supported by many Funding Partners (philanthropy, foundations, research funders, corporate supporters), over a 10-year or longer time-frame, to co-create an ecosystem-level research infrastructure (shared registries, databases, innovation processes, analytics engines, etc.), and hundreds of study sections (led by many different researchers), to accelerate the production and dissemination of high quality evidence (thousands of peer reviewed papers, conference presentations, and etc.), needed to support ecosystem-level strategic action (e.g. actions that improve health and wellbeing for millions of people and create billions of dollars of new value), in accordance with a vision, mission, values and goals set forth in an Ecosystem-Level Strategic Framework that is co-created by all parties using a scalable transformational action research (STAR) methodology, and advanced collaboration tools and technologies (e.g. Google Drive, Teams, Zoom, etc.).